Scalr. Helping DevOps manage their infrastructure.

Let's take a look on the most challenging parts.
Environment dashboard. Outdated, not fully informed about the whole system for a prior target audience.

Create workspace.
Without a visual priorities and small CTA.
Create workspace
Hard to use, indeed.
Create environment

300+ screens.

New Design System.

New Scalr.

123 RBAC roles, hundreds of use cases.
The main solution is to put the right information for a prior JTBD and create a whole new guideline for visibility.

Create configuration
Provider configurations

Tiny to details.

All from a new Design System.

And 300+ other pages…

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2022 Designed in Framer

One word, Enterprise. A huge project, famous customers.
It's not enough just to add features (a lot of documentation, onboarding, calls).

The whole user experience needs to be completely changed.