RoFx. Helping private customers invest more on a brand new platform.

Investments. It's complicated?
With RoFx it becomes incredibly easy. And that's it.

Problem - fear, anonymous brands trying to get more customers through a huge marketing campaigns with an eye-catching bright landing pages. Mostly - scam projects. And the prior goal is to solve it and make a trusted relationships with our customers.

Focused on visual and animations

Low-quality websites made a lot. Bad impact, insecure feelings.We decided to use elements that will be subconsciously perceived by customers as more trusted and look good.

Results talks.

5x sign-up, +60% of deposits.

New period for company and customers.

More trust, new customer support team. More results.

P.S work from 2019. Today the whole company focused on Asia with a new domain and brand name.

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