From 0 knowledge to a full-time job.

As a Head of Design, I led the process of reorganizing our way of working with students (LMS) and change the whole Design course program and approach.

Design team built it from concept to launch. After that - ongoing process of improvements using analytics.

The project received a nomination from Google as the one of the best startups in Europe.

Dec 2019 - Mar 2021


Design (3 people)


Front-end (4 people)

Back-end (3 people)








Daily work was based in Google Docs. Tons of interaction with a lot of different data. Reviewing homework, tests, interviews, commits in repositories.

Main idea is to automate daily routine, improve the whole educational process and unlock more flexibility and time for mentors and students during the day.

Main product is LMS platform, where we manage all educational processes at Mate Academy. All our developers are mentors. And the fact that the team is the target audience of their product affects the speed of its implementation and feedback.


So, schedule looks great. But it takes a lot of time for a small tasks and micro interactions with a google doc for mentors and tens of questions from students.

Content first

Every day mentors spend 2+ hours on live lectures and this material is repeatable for each group. This is a big challenge for the team and we were faced with the task of recording absolutely all the material in the form of short videos. One long lecture into 5 small videos with subtopics. (but not as short as tiktok, huh)

Impact. A new tier of

automation education process

New product saved a few hours a day for each mentor. For students, this is an opportunity to learn faster, check their mistakes, watch new material 3 times faster. In addition, the process of conducting and controlling payments saved hundreds of hours of people who were involved in this.


2x workload for mentors

3x less time/per task for students

3x less time for coaches for Q&A


New product = scale to a new countries

New DS to simplify design/front-end work

Huge boost to revenue with a cross sale and additional mini-courses


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